Transportation Test

Transportation tests for shipped products/units are performed in compliance with national and international standards as accredited with 6-axis shaker table (MAST) with high accuracy and repeatability in our laboratory.

Moreover, tests are performed in our laboratory according to the criteria determined by the customer's special specifications.

Test Services:

Tests referring to the test standards:

ASTM D4169-16: Standard Practice for Performance Testing of Shipping Containers and Systems

The standard that determines the tests and acceptance criteria in the laboratory environment for the durability of the transported products to external factors that they will be exposed to during transportation.

R&D Tests

Tests Performed by Customer Request

R&D testing service is also provided for special conditions where technical specifications are requested from customers or for the studies that the customer wants to do in order to improve their products. The test flow, technical needs, desired outputs, test data profile, etc. are determined aligned with customer needs.


  • Liquid tanks to be transported
  • Medical products to be transported
  • Automotive parts to be transported

All products ready for shipping can be tested, including the products above.

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