Earthquake Tests

The test tables at our laboratory, one biaxial shaking table and one multi-axial shaking table (MAST), offering high precision and repeatable tests allow seismic testing of non-structural elements in compliance with national and international standards.

Moreover, our laboratory is capable of performing tests using customized criteria specified by the customers in line with their specifications.

Our testing services:

  • Resonance Investigations & Searches
  • Seismic Tests
  • Vibration and Shock Tests

Applicable areas of activity:

  • Telecommunications & IT systems (server, network room equipment, etc.)
  • HVAC systems
  • Energy infrastructure systems (generators, transformers, transmission and distribution lines & panels)
  • Rack systems
  • Building facade/coating systems

Home Risk Assessment

Review all construction, fire, gas, electricity, earthquake risks for your home.


Boat Risk Assessment

Review all potential risks which might threaten your boat's safety.