Automotive Tests

The systems and sub-systems designed for the automotive industry are subjected to controlled tests in accordance with the road data presenting actual usage conditions in the laboratory. The tests conducted by using the vibration data to which such systems and subsystems would be exposed throughout their expected lifecycles help the improvement of the reliability of design and development processes of such systems.

The test system produces highly accurate and repeatable real-time data for up to 6 axes and delivers them to the end-user.

When to Conduct Test?

  • Changes in design
  • Changes in material
  • Changes in production methods
  • Unexpected fault/error mode on the part

The testing services cover the following issues:

  • Vibration-based lifetime tests at the part-level and system-level
  • Accelerated lifetime tests
  • Design verification tests
  • Vibration and shock tests according to customer-specific use conditions

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