Automotive Tests

Vibration, shock and road simulation tests of automotive, railway and aviation part and systems are performed with 6-axis shaker table (MAST) with high accuracy and repeatability in our laboratory.

Moreover, tests are performed in our laboratory according to the criteria determined by the customer's special specifications.

Test Services:

Tests referring to the test standards:

EN 60068-2-6: Environmental testing - Part 2-6: Tests - Test Fc: Vibration (sinusoidal)

In general, the test standard that includes tests for response and endurance to vibration that may occur during the transportation and use of equipment.

EN 61373: Railway applications - Rolling stock equipment - Shock and vibration tests

The test standard that describes random and shock tests of pneumatic, electrical and electronic equipment used in railway vehicles.

R&D Tests

Automotive/Vehicle Tests

Road load data and vehicle usage conditions can be simulated in the laboratory environment by using the road data acquired by the customers. For the design verification processes of parts, subsystems, and systems in the sectors such as automotive, railway, aviation, etc., testing service can be provided with the 6-axis MAST shaker table (Stewart platform).

Academic Studies

Desired data in academic studies can be realized and reproducibility requirements can be met in a controlled environment with hydraulic shaker tables with high capacity and accuracy. Acceleration, displacement, strain etc. such measurements can be collected through the data acquisition system and solutions for technical needs can be offered with competent test personnel.

Tests Performed by Customer Request

R&D testing service is also provided for special conditions where technical specifications are requested from customers or for the studies that the customer wants to do in order to improve their products. The test flow, technical needs, desired outputs, test data profile, etc. are determined aligned with customer needs.


  • Automotive vehicle parts, and systems
  • Railway vehicle parts, and systems
  • Aviation vehicle parts, and systems


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