Acknowledgement on Processing of Personal Data


Your personal data may be processed by Beykoz Gayrimenkul Yatırım İnşaat Turizm Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (“Allianz Teknik”), acting with the capacity of "Data Controller", in accordance with Personal Data Protection Act No.6698 ("Act"), within the framework as described below and with the purposes of enabling provision of training, consultancy and certification services, performance of risk assessments, supporting academic and scientific activities, all kinds of communication including promotions and provision of information and sending of commercial e-mails with such purposes, fulfillment of liabilities prescribed in the legislation, identification of the person(s) performing or ordering performance of transactions, entry of records and arrangement of documents in printed or electronic format, fulfillment of record/document keeping, reporting and information liabilities as instructed in the legislation, as well as for statistical purposes.

Your personal data can be transferred to supervisory and regulatory authorities and relevant public institutions, occupational organizations and similar institutes; to legally permitted real and legal persons, shareholders, direct or indirect domestic and foreign group companies and their affiliates and service providers used for obtaining support and for performance of activities to fulfill the objectives specified in the legislation, to the extent permitted by law.

Your personal data can be collected verbally or in writing or in electronic format; by partially or entirely automatic means or by non-automatic means as part of a data recording system; by/via digital channels, all service receiving channels as well as cooperating program partner entities and organizations and other third parties; based on the legal grounds of "data processing being a requirement to protect legal interests of Data Controller, provided that fundamental rights and liberties of the relevant person shall not be harmed in any way", "being explicitly set forth in relevant laws", "processing of personal data belonging to contractual parties being a requirement, provided that this shall be directly related with establishment and performance of an agreement", "data processing being a requirement for fulfillment of legal liabilities by Data Controller", "data processing being a requirement to establish, use or protect a right" as defined in Article 5 of the Act.

Cookies can be used during your visits to our website. These technical communication files called "cookies" are small text files sent by a website to the browser of computers or mobile devices of its users. Information kept within these cookie files may include the date and time of the website visit, viewed pages, time spent on the website and other websites visited right before and after the visit to such website.  Data collected through such cookies used during your visits to our website are subsequently assessed and advertisements related with products you might potentially be interested can be displayed during your future visits to other websites. It is possible to disable cookies on your browser through browser settings.

You may send your requests related with the rights of the relevant person as arranged in Article 11 of the Act, to Allianz Teknik in writing to the following address in accordance with the Communiqué on Principles and Procedures for Applications to Data Controller:  Küçükbakkalköy Mahallesi Kayışdağı Caddesi No:1 K:20 Ataşehir İstanbul.

This acknowledgement text is provided for your information.
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