Facility Tours

With Allianz Teknik facility tours, we aim to raise the risk awareness of participants regarding earthquake and fire. Participants will have the opportunity to observe various practices at Allianz Teknik applied training center, including:

  • reaction to fire and earthquake test labs,
  • Practical trainings with realistic simulations,
  • Fire hydrant simulation,
  • Shaking tables made with Lego bricks,
  • Earthquake and fire simulations,
  • Sprinkler system functionality tests,
  • Kitchen and industrial fire simulations,
  • Emergency escape simulation with non-hazardous smoke effect.

The facility tour will help raise awareness in kids regarding fire and earthquake while adults will have an opinion about how to prevent the negative impacts of these hazards.

Home Risk Assessment

Review all construction, fire, gas, electricity, earthquake risks for your home.


Boat Risk Assessment

Review all potential risks which might threaten your boat's safety.