Earthquake Engineering Services

As can be seen from the devastating earthquakes that have occurred in recent years, economic losses due to earthquake damages have reached substantial levels. That is why the prediction of potential earthquake damages is an important issue affecting many areas.

The buildings are exposed to not only structural and non-structural damages but also to secondary impacts such as post-earthquake fires, hazardous chemical substance leakages, water damages arising from fire extinguishing systems. All these can lead to prolonged business disruptions.

Although a multidisciplinary approach is required to predict all possible damages of a potential major earthquake, structural damages are still a determining factor for predicting the direct or indirect damages that may occur in small-scale industrial buildings.

Earthquake engineering services facilitates the assessment of any building to be reconstructed, expanded, or partly modified in terms of their performance in the face of an earthquake in accordance with national and international standards.

Home Risk Assessment

Review all construction, fire, gas, electricity, earthquake risks for your home.


Boat Risk Assessment

Review all potential risks which might threaten your boat's safety.